Associated Students of Loyola Marymount University

Mekleit Dix & CJ Stone, President & Vice President Candidates

Our Campaign Motto is, “Better Together”. We believe that we stand to benefit as a united student body, while still celebrating the vibrancy in our diversity and differences. We strive to put words to action with Five “S’s”, they are Solidarity, Safe Spaces, Student-Student Counseling for Psychological Services, Student- Student Services for Sexual Assault, and Student Leadership and Success through campus-wide integration. We believe in the Ignatian values of persons “With and for others for the promotion of Justice”. If elected, we will stand and strive for the protection, affirmation, and visibility of our undocumented students, our transgender students, our Muslim students, and our students of color. We will continue to act in love and kindness and promote and facilitate conversations, freedom schools, and workshops that work for equity and justice. Last semester, Sacred Heart Chapel became a Sanctuary for undocumented persons, we want to work with administration and work towards a campus wide sanctuary. Equity of thought on the Bluff is crucial to our unity, respect, and understanding of one another as students. If elected, we will strive to ensure that the Associated Students of Loyola Marymount University is an open and accessible venue for all students and student run organizations to let their voice be heard and respected.

Mekleit Dix & CJ Stone, President & Vice President Candidates

Katie Schembri & Niko Klein, President & Vice President Candidates

Hi! You have reached Katie and Niko’s Biography! We have known one another since our Freshman Year in Del Rey North! We have been very lucky to serve LMU and our fellow Lions these last 3 years. Together, we are able to represent Service Orgs, Greek Life, club sports, admissions office, RHA, professional fraternities, Campus Ministry, ASLMU, and most importantly, we were both campus cuties. We decided to run on a three-pronged platform to allow student’s voices to be heard and make effective change on campus.

●     Purposeful Programming: We find LMU students are passionate about more than just one organization. It makes it challenging to attend different club events and activities. We want to work with clubs to limit programming on campus and shift to purposeful programming. We want to meet with clubs and organizations to determine a set number of events they have a semester. We want to not only help alleviate the overwhelming Facebook invites you get every day, we want more availability for students to attend events they may not be a part of, help overbooking of classrooms and meeting spaces on campus, and create a more cohesive campus.

●     Empowering Student Leaders: You shouldn’t have to be in ASLMU to make effective change on campus. We want to give students the tools to be their own voices on campus. We plan on making this plan a reality by having regular meetings with group organizations and hosting a “state dinner” with group Presidents and Vice Presidents in order to connect and network. We want all students to feel a part of ASLMU because every student IS a part of ASLMU.

●     Servant Style Leadership: We both think the most effective kind of leadership is leading from the back. By empowering student leaders, we want to support Lion endeavors to change our campus culture. If we ask students to attend basketball games, you better believe we’ll be sitting in the Cage with you. We cannot ask the student body to do something and not do it ourselves. We want to lead by example and stand alongside of you.

Our slogan is, “It’s not about us, it’s about you.” We genuinely want to serve our community and get your projects and ideas done. So, Vote Katie and Niko for President and Vice President!

Katie Schembri & Niko Klein, President & Vice President Candidates

Hayden Tanabe & Mara Ley - President & Vice President Candidates

“Piecing It Together”

1.    “Orchestrating a Masterpiece” - Our Role in ASLMU

Hayden Tanabe sees the ASLMU Presidency as a continuation and expansion of the work he has fulfilled these past two years as RHA President. He was the first sophomore ever elected to this position, the first to hold two consecutive terms, and was recently named the Regional RHA President of the Year. Mara Ley brings extensive ASLMU experience, serving on committees, implementing initiatives as a Senator, and now running for Vice President. Additionally, Mara serves as the current President of Alpha Phi. Working in collaboration with key departments on campus from previous leadership experiences, they will unite students and departments to help spark the changes that students want to see on campus. Moreover, they are going to increase the access of resources like scheduling services and marketing outlets offered to all registered student organizations.

2.    “Establishing the Framework” - Social Justice and Inclusion

The tangible plan is to have bi-weekly town hall meetings where students of all groups, backgrounds, and perspectives address the current climate of the community with ASLMU representatives present. By opening these communication channels on a consistent basis, Hayden and Mara find this the best way to understand their call to action in fostering the most inclusive community possible. Furthermore, with Mara’s experience as an environmental science major, Student Outreach for Green LMU, and an environmentally driven ASLMU Senator, sustainability objectives will be a top priority next year.

3.    “Connecting The Pieces” - Registered Student Organization Integration

They will enhance relationships between the Greek Life and Service Organization communities by incentivizing these groups to attend each other’s events with an ASLMU monitored points system. This will not only increase attendance at events, but will also lead to a greater understanding of what each organization stands for. To bring other organizations together outside of these two umbrella communities, they will orchestrate joint programming between student groups that will give everyone the opportunity to take pride in their piece.

4.    “The Finished Product” - Taking Pride in the Whole

As a result of the three points above, Hayden and Mara desire for all students to find fulfilment in being a LMU Lion. With a greater sense of community on campus it is hoped that school spirit will be elevated to new heights. This will translate to increased support of LMU’s athletic teams and campus events all around.

Hayden Tanabe & Mara Ley - President & Vice President Candidates