Student Reserve Board

The purpose of the Student Reserve Board (SRB) is to provide financial assistance to University registered student organizations. A maximum of four presentations will be held at SRB meetings every week, which are held on Fridays in Malone 101 at 8am. Approval of the SRB funding request will be contingent upon the decision of Senate. You must have attended a workshop to request funds. Additionally, the SRB Application Form, which can be found here, must be filled out prior to your presentation. Following the completion of your SRB-funded event, you are also required to fill out the Program Summary Report Form. If you have any questions please email

SRB Workshops

Student Reserve Board Workshops require mandatory attendance in order for an organization's application to be considered for SRB funding. It informs representatives of organizations about the SRB application process including the program summary report and the presentation to Senate. They will be held every Thursday from 2:00pm-3:00pm in Malone 101A.

To download the current SRB Code, please click here.